Reducing Your Weight With Running

Running is among the best ways of reducing weight, as attested to by many experts as well as the hundreds of thousands of runners that had lost weight.

In case your immediate goal at the moment is losing weight, running is probably the best alternatives. It is almost without cost. It may even be the lowest priced weight loss program bar none.

The doctor

The first person you must see and also speak about your plan of reducing weight will be your medical doctor. Only he would know for sure almost everything about you, your body, your health and the things which may be good or bad for yourself.

Once you get your doctor’s permission, continue to implement your plan of reducing your weight through running – slowly at first. For some, walking for a short moment of time is a good start.

Walking will first allow you to enhance your cardiovascular health. And after that, you may start to do some slow jogging. Follow this up with running following a time.

Your system needs to be familiar with the modern regular activity. Your trainer along with your doctor could give you a timetable.

Slow and gradual

When you’re into regular running according to plan, you cannot do sprints immediately with the hope of losing weight more quickly. Also wrong would be to overdo the length or the time period limit of your running, again in the hope of losing weight faster.

Getting started slow and gradual with your running program can provide you with the room to modify, change, or scrap some parts of your program up until you are comfortable and happy with it.


Changing your exercise workout is one really important consideration in your weight loss program. To those who don’t understand this, there is a big tendency that runners might abandon their running routine at this time.

Over time when a runner had already been deep into his running program, the body stops reducing weight.

The simple explanation would be that the body readily adapts to the new situation and may become acquainted with a running program. By this time, the body becomes very efficient and just requires fewer calories to do the same amount of work.

The unfortunate side effect could be that the body stops reducing your weight as well.

After several weeks of running, and after losing some amount of bodyweight, you may find that your weight loss slows down. Sometime later, you will recognize that your weight stays as is, not able to lose a single pound.

One method to resolve this is to vary the distance, length or intensity of your jogging. You could increase the length to around three or four miles, or lengthening the time every day, or perhaps running more quickly.

Carrying this out could challenge the muscles anew. Our bodies cannot become more successful and has to burn some calories to accomplish the new additional requirement.

In addition, you can help challenge your body by doing some alterations in your diet. A potent combination on losing weight is increased activity levels and dietary changes.

All in all, keep to your schedule as well as your program. Before too long, your weight goal can be achieved and you will still enjoy the activity of running.